Are you interested in the news?

Visit this website to listen to news bulletins at three different levels. Do some exercises on vocabulary and answer comprehension questions.


learn with news


A good watch for both adults and kids

Life without a mobile phone? No internet? Impossible!

Take a journey with Anne of Green Gables to remind yourself of the simple pleasures in life, real necessities and the power of human relationships. Highly recommended to help you extend your English vocabulary too.

Remember! Watch in English and practise your listening skills!

How to practise listening

Are you good at listening?

No? Don’t worry, you are not alone 🙂

Try this.

1.Visit this website.

2. Choose a topic that interests you, the level or the accent you would like to listen to.

3. Read the questions in the ‘quiz’ section. Listen to the text and answer.

4. Go to the ‘vocab’ section to check the meaning of some interesting expressions.

5. If you want to explore the text more, you can look at the script and find some more interesting language.

Do it every week and you will start feeling more confident with your listening!


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