You can’t miss it!

Hey B2 students! If you haven’t seen this series, maybe this summer is the time to try it in English!

A well-known intriguing story of a famous televised trial. Lots of surprising turns, fantastic acting and a thought-provoking ending will make you want to know more about it!


How to practise listening

Are you good at listening?

No? Don’t worry, you are not alone ๐Ÿ™‚

Try this.

1.Visit this website.

2. Choose a topic that interests you, the level or the accent you would like to listen to.

3. Read the questions in the ‘quiz’ section. Listen to the text and answer.

4. Go to the ‘vocab’ section to check the meaning of some interesting expressions.

5. If you want to explore the text more, you can look at the script and find some more interesting language.

Do it every week and you will start feeling more confident with your listening!


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