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Read in English

Do you sometimes read in English?

Why not start now?

You walk past our library in Cadiz every time you come in to the academy. Do you normally sit down next to it and take out your mobile to kill the time while you’re waiting?

Well, don’t! Pick a book from the shelf and just read!

Try this experiment. Why not come 10 minutes earlier to read a little fragment? If you don’t like it, next time you can choose a different one. We’ve got a nice collection. And if you like the book, you can continue next time you come. Or you can borrow the book and read at home!

You may even discover you like reading in English more than in Spanish 🙂





To start the reading adventure check out our graded readers, which are simplified versions of famous books. And more advanced learners can choose from our collection of original books. We’ve got a wide range to choose from 🙂 Our little students can also choose a book in English and you can read to them too.

Happy reading!


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