¿Qué pasa cuando una oruga tiene muuucha hambre?

Mirad este vídeo muy divertido de nuestra profesora Coralie. ¿Cuantas cosas ha comido la oruga? Contesta las siguientes preguntas en inglés:

1 What colour is the caterpillar?

2 What food did the caterpillar eat?

3 How many apples did he eat?

4 How many strawberries did he eat?

5. Did he eat oranges on Wednesday?

6. On which day did he eat chocolate cake?

7. What’s the best food for a caterpillar?

8. What colour is his cocoon?

9. What animal can you see at the end?

What food did the caterpillar eat? Draw a picture. (Dibuja las cosas que ha comido la oruga.)

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Thinking about where to go on your next holiday?

Maybe our students can help you make a decision!

Our teenage students have created fantastic projects describing places which they would like to visit (when travel is permitted again). They have chosen destinations around the world, researched attractions, local cuisines, found photos of the most interesting places to visit, and suggested activities you could do on holiday. Have a look at the link! Their ideas are impressive!

(Click on different locations to access individual projects)

project photo

Are you bored yet?

Can’t draw or paint? No worries. You don’t need to be talented to do this.

Most people like doodling (drawing shapes or lines without any specific image in mind), and a lot find it really relaxing. This video shows some examples of how to keep your hands busy and help your brain relax. Check it out!

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Video projects!

Nuestra profesora Monika nos cuenta el proyecto de ‘puppets’ que realizó con sus alumnos en las clases online. Que divertido! Mirad el vídeo!

We might be isolated but that doesn’t stop our creativity! Our students put their imagination and….smartphones to use in various projects, while practising some English!

In this activity, students recorded themselves performing a simple dialogue using the modal verb CAN. However, to take it up a notch, instead of just reading a dialogue, students had to act it out using….sock puppets. Because everyone has socks at home, right?

What do you think of the result?

Cuentos en inglés

¿Porque no escuchar una historia en inglés? Os vais a sorprender que bien los niños entienden los cuentos en inglés! Nosotros ya lo sabemos y usamos cuentos en la clase.

Aquí tenéis un ejemplo:

Watch the story and answer the questions:

Which animal is fast?

Which animal is slow?

Who is going to win the race?

Now answer these questions:

Who won the race, the hare or the tortoise?

Why did he win?

Do the fast runners always win the race?

What do you know about penguins?

Listen and check!


Can you draw a penguin? Send us a picture of your drawing and we will post your drawings on the blog!

Send photos to: chelseaacademyvideos@gmail.com